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Corpus : \cor·pus\ [n] : A collection of writings
Curio : \cu·ri·o\ [adj] : Born of curiosity

Thoughts, ideas, projects, explorations, etc. on a range of topics, sprung from the mind of Christian B. Newton - a curious fellow making his own way in the world, just as we all are.

Ottowell's Moon

Many of you were aware of (and even witnessed) the unusually-large full moon late last month - a triple-combination super, blue, blood moon, made possible by the coincidence of the second full moon of the month, at perigee and eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow. This interesting combination is beautifully illustrated in the Moon Section of Guy Ottowell’s Astronomical Calendar 2018.

The Enormity of Time

A year ago, I made a deeper commitment to my meditation practice: to sit in zazen (Zen sitting meditation) every day of the year. At that time, I had been steadily increasing my practice over a number of months, using Insight Timer on my iPhone to provide some structure and track my sessions. The app has grown from a simple timer into a world-wide community fostering all types of contemplative practice through online socialization and support groups.

Reflections On Totality

It's over. The solar glasses have been discarded. The sea of humanity that had migrated to a 60-mile-wide transcontinental strip of real estate has dispersed towards home - back to daily life, yet hopefully buoyed by the singular experience of totality. So much happened so fast, that it's taken a bit of time to reflect on my own experience and take stock of its meaning.

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